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Arafa in Karbala 2024

Arafa in Karbala 2024

Register and Pay Deposit - £400

Arafa in Karbala 2024


Embrace the Sacred journey of Arafa in Karbala
Where hearts and spirits unite

Registration: Before 12th June
Discount £50 off – Register before 6th June

Out of stock

  • From June 14th to June 18th From June 14th to June 18th

    Stay in Karbala, Ziyara Najaf and Kadhimiya

  • £550 Ground Package £550 Ground Package

    Includes Visa

  • Discount £50 Off Discount £50 Off

    Register before 6th June

  • Food and Hotel included Food and Hotel included

    Three course meal and hotel included

  • Transportation included Transportation included

    For all local trips

Sheikh Khaled Jamil Sheikh Khaled Jamil

Khaled Jamil originally from Iraq grew up in Vancouver Canada. Been living in Najaf, Iraq since 2017.

Noor Al-Aqila Hotel in Karbala